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More reflections on SXSW and accessibility

There were more accessibility panels, and mentions of accessibility in other presentations than at any other time that I recall. Susan Gerhart is a software engineer who was at SXSW for the first time as a panelist. She has lost her sight to eye disease over the past several years and is living in a […]

What was I thinking?

Kelsey Ruger convinced me that Knowbility needed to blog as a way to participate in and share all the great momentum around accessibility these days. But to start a blog during SXSW was one of the least thought-through things I have done in a while. Sooooo much is happening and time to write about it […]


Feeling like we’ve completed a marathon, Knowbility staff is reviewing the wonderful experiences of SXSW Interactive and CSUN Assistive Technology conferences. Will post reflections and panel followup, so please check in.

Knowbility Twitter Updates for 2008-03-09

Be sure to stop by the booth at the trade show today at noon. Can’t miss us we are right in the front. # If you get a chance be sure to checkout @feather ‘s "Everything I know about Accessibility I learned from Star Wars" panel at 11:30. # Core Conversations: How Accessible Should Your […]

Knowbility Gets a Blog!

After ten years of evangelizing, training, and developing community around the critical notion that technology should be designed to be available and usable by everyone, Knowbility has invited several members of our community to weigh in on the current state of technology inclusion. How is the industry doing? Are we nearer to reaching accessibility goals? […]