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Ilove Ipod

Ok, so one of my greatest loves is music, and next to that, reading books.  I bought myself an ipod some months ago and it has been quite the adventure learning how to use it and make it accessible.  I used to cringe when I’d think about the ipod, knowing that, as much fun as […]

Seeking successful implementation of YouTube captions

About a year ago, Youtube launched an editing tool, Youtube Remixer.  One of the most interesting features was the capacity for captioning, although Youtube cautioned that the captioning feature was still in beta and not to expect a fully functioning captioning tool.  The Remixer, powered by Adobe Premiere Express, allows users to edit videos with text, audio, graphics, overlays, effects, and transitions with no installation.  […]

Dedication of AccessU to John Slatin

Here is the text of the opening dedication of the 2008 AccessU, renamed to honor our beloved colleague and mentor, Dr. John Slatin who died in March. Following these remarks, Jim Allan and Jim Thatcher unfurled a banner with the new conference title. That banner now resides on the John Slatin AccessU web site. Good […]

A Typing Teacher

  I have recently discovered a new program that may be useful if you teach blind children, or even those with other disabilities.  It is called TypeAbility.  Step by step, it takes the student through learning all of the keys on a pc keyboard.  It is very user friendly, even tells jokes at the end […]

AccessU 2008 first timer

Knowbility held a conference last week called AccessU, and I was privileged to attend for the first time, as well as assist in one of the classes!    It was an excellent time for networking, a great chance to get to know some marvelous people in various capacities, and just overall fun.    There were several classes […]