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Changes to E-bay cause Accessibility Barriers

I myself do a whole lot of shopping on line and find different levels of accessibility.  Some sites work very well, all forms are correctly tagged and functional.  Others work, but with some effort to get around some accessibility barriers.  I use amazon, e-toys, and up until recently was a big user on e-bay.  There […]

Living with the visually impaired

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d live with someone who couldn’t see. My roommate is not completely blind but he can’t see past his feet. The first few weeks of living with him I treated him as if he was completely blind telling him where things were, worrying about him in the […]

Colorblind no more!

My roommate Zack has a cornea disorder where his cornea constantly changes. I was talking to him over the weekend and he was joking about how my shirt was torn in half from working out. I had a workout waist band on and a workout bra. I was extremely confused with his joke, and thought […]

Silent Disabilities

Last week I came to a realization when meeting the newest staff member here at Knowbility, after hearing about her situations with her current employers. I completely knew where she was coming from and realized that is one of the original reasons i came to work with Knowbility. I’m both Dyslexic and ADD, but I […]

Survey monkey swings accessibly

      A few months ago, I had tried to do a few things using the site called survey monkey.  I had tried creating my own survey, as well as taking surveys and had little success.  The forms were not tagged, the check boxes not labeled, and some of the buttons were not correctly marked.  It […]