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Education and persistance change history!

As I have previously stated here, I love to shop on line.  One of my favorites used to be eBay, but as I talked about some time ago, they have made some changes to their site that has made shopping there more difficult and tiresome for me using jaws.  But there are millions of other […]

I'm not at my computer, help!!

Many times, I am presented with the following scenario; I am at someone’s house, a Public Library, or even an Internet Cafe.  There are computers available, but none have a screen reader installed.  I need to look up something on Google, or visit some other website, but cannot do this on my own because the […]

A menu that speaks to you?

An interactive menu that can talk?  Yes, it is true, and I saw one in action! I love to eat out, don’t we all?  We pay good money to have choices in what we want to eat at any particular restaurant.  It is also a social thing, going out with one person, or a group […]