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Next year brings changes for people with disabilities.

On September 25, President Bush signed The ADA Amendments Act of 2008, which will take effect in January of next year.  Much of this amendment has to do with discrimination against not only those with obvious disabilities, but also those whose disability may not be easily seen.  It provides broad coverage to protect anyone who […]

Apple takes Giant steps toward Accessibility

You may remember my blog some months ago regarding iPods and some of the barriers I mentioned with Apple’s ITunes, and with the iPod itself.  ITunes was virtually not accessible on its own, and a jaws user would have to purchase and use scripts to get the software to function at all, and even with […]

Update on UT's shutdown of Accessibility Institute

The Provost Office at the University of Texas continues to send form letters to the hundreds of people who have written in protest of their decision to shut down the Accessibility Institute.   Their boilerplate gives lip services to their admiration for the work of John Slatin and invariably ends with this line: While we […]

Will UT close accessibility doors?

Last week, the University of Texas at Austin announced that they intended to close the Accessibility Institute, founded by Dr. John Slattin!  This came as a big surprise to people both in the local community and many world-wide as well.  The University of Texas has always been a leader in research and accessibility was no […]