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Another tool in the box

One of my blog readers has given me a fantastic suggestion and something to add to my tool box when on the internet.  It is called WebVisum.  It works with Mozilla Firefox, but not internet explorer.  It has several different options, from hot keys to show all mouse-over elements on a webpage, to a tool […]

Girl Techies.

Ok, the title is misleading, these are women not girls, but I had to think of something catchy.  I recently found out about  This site is a place for you to go and read and write comments about various aspects of owning, running and working as part of a business.  It provides networking opportunities, […]

Blind people watch tv?

At midnight tonight, I know of at least one of my local stations that is going all digital and will no longer broadcast an analog signal.  Congress delayed the deadline until June of this year, but some stations are prepared and are going to embrace this new way of broadcasting sooner rather than later.  You […]

John Slatin Access U 2009 – are you going?

I am hoping to attend my fourth conference this May in Austin. I’m new to this blog. I have competed in AIR Houston several times and am now on the AIR Houston board. I am the webmaster of the Houston Department of Health and Human Services.  Part of my interest in accessibility is that both […]

Twitter is making fantastic strides!

I am very excited to add a new chapter in my social media adventures!  An independent group is working on an accessible version of Twitter!  Many features are still in the working stages, but this is so exciting indeed!  I tried out the site so far and find it much less difficult to read my friend’s […]