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An option for On-line job training, but is it accessible?

Discrimination of all kinds is out there, weather we as a society like to believe it or not.  The job field is no exception.  Many times, potential employees are discriminated against before they even get to an interview, especially if they are candid about their individual situations.  People are not hired based on varying factors, […]

Accessibility = Usability

The W3C has just released a new introduction to their 2005 document entitled “How people with disabilities use the web.”  This document is only in its draft stage and will continue to be updated throughout the year.  But as I read through the sections referenced in the “What is in the document” area, I found […]

Open question forum closed to many!

During his campaign and throughout his term so far, President Obama has been an active advocate for people with disabilities.  He has a very promising agenda regarding the rights, education and employment of disabled Americans.  However, one area not mentioned on the agenda was the accessibility of  Many accessibility advocates were very disappointed in […]

An Unnecessary Barrier

Earlier this year, Amazon released the Kindle 2, a small portable device that lets you download e-books, magazines, newspapers and more using wireless and read at your leisure.  This new release also can read content aloud using text to speech technology.  Of course this is handy for people with any degree of print disability.  It […]

Another resource for the Accessibility tool box

All right, another entity is involved in our cause!  I recently learned about Even Grounds, a website that offers accessibility consulting and a ton of fantastic and useful information.  There are many insightful articles, a blog, and a host of other available services.  You can even ask an accessibility question on-line!  Director Tom Babinszki has […]