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Help Pump Up the IronMan

Having access to online activities is no longer just a cool pastime…it is a necessity for equal education, employment and citizen interaction with government.  If you haven’t ever tried operating a mouse without the use of your arms, read a website without your eyes, or listen to a webcast without hearing it, you may never […]

Another Captcha-Solving Alternative

A few months ago, I posted a blog entry about solving captchas.  I sited a service that works through FireFox called Webvism, which made captcha solving a breeze.  The only catch for me was that I am a comfortable Internet Explorer user and had to have both that browser as well as FireFox loaded onto […]

My Star Trek Experience

I’ll start off by admitting that I am a huge Star Trek fan!  I may not be as crazed as some Trekkies out there, but I love it.  The TV shows, the movies, the books, I even have a toy Starship Enterprise.  So there’s my disclaimer. Yesterday, my husband and I actually got to go […]

I Took the Plunge

Ok, so for whatever crazy reason, I decided to take on some studying.  I figured that since I have been testing websites for several years now, purely from a usability perspective, I should learn more about the technical stuff.  User testing is great, but I have been finding it hard to give advice to people […]

My Experiences at AccessU 2009

This week of course was full of fun at AccessU!  It consisted of two full days and a third day for post conference, as well as some great evening activities.  There was much to learn and fabulous people to talk to and network with.  I was privileged to be involved in the two first days […]