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Books won't talk on Kindle

Last month, the well-known and reputable publisher Randomhouse made the decision to turn off the text-to-speech feature in its books.  This action mainly affects those using Amazon’s Kindle 2 for reading or listening to books.  However, though I do not use a Kindle, this action by Randomhouse is very disturbing for several reasons.  One is […]

A fabulous go to site for accessibility news

I was recently led to a site that has a ton of information and news about accessibility.  From arts and entertainment, to education and to issues in communities throughout the world, this place on the net is a great resource for all things accessible!  I will surely be discussing many of the news items that […]

My AT&T Adventures

This week has been one of change for my family and I with regard to our home network, telephone and television.  We decided to try AT&T’s U-verse service, which combines all of those products into one package.  The technician was at our home installing everything for about 5 hours.  Honestly, when the TV, phone and […]

Telecommuting, could it decrease unemployment for the disabled?

There are several reasons why so many people with disabilities are unemployed.  One of the possible barriers for many disabled people when it comes to employment is transportation.  Taking the bus is not always an option, and even in those cities that offer a transporting system for people with disabilities, using those networks is more […]

The Social Divide

With all of the talk about social media everywhere, including this blog, sometimes even those of us with disabilities forget to consider who may be left out.  Yes there are various tools that make it easier and in some cases possible for the disabled to use specific social networks, but have we covered everyone and […]