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MetroAccess is Stranding Many

For at least 20 years, Austin has offered a paratransit service of some kind to people with disabilities.  A paratransit entity provides transportation to those people who are, for various reasons, unable to use the regular fixed route bus system.  Without a service such as this, many people with disabilities would be totally homebound, unable […]

A Holiday Treat

Ok, this is off the topic of accessibility, but someone sent it to me and I find it absolutely fantastic!  Talk about a great use of synthesized speech!  Maybe this could be a new version of audio book reading?  Check out this very unique version of A Christmas Carol!  I promise, you have most likely […]

Hardware Accessibility

We focus a lot of attention on accessibility of websites and web content.  There are several resources out there, from Knowbility’s accessibility training and consulting services to actual guides, such as the book “Maximum Accessibility,” written by Sharron Rush and John Slatin.  But recently, the question was raised about hardware accessibility.  Are there standards out […]