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Knowbility Needs Your Help – Support Knowbility Programs!

Knowbility is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that depends on your support. Help us continue our valuable programs. You can help by giving generously. All contributions are fully tax deductible and you can designate that your gift support a particular program, if you would like. Your donation will support accessible technology that gives millions of people […]

Knowbility 2011 Year End

My guilty holiday secret?  I love the corny holiday music, from the silly Frosty ones to the lovely carols from all parts of the world.  One of my favorites is called Calypso Christmas.  I hope your year is drawing to a happy close and that you have set aside some time to enjoy the holiday.  […]

The Power of Accessible Technology

As promised, I am here to give you an update as to what has been going on in my life and how vital accessible technology is to me at this time.  For several reasons, my husband and I decided to pull our daughter out of school and give home schooling a try.  Not that she […]

CSUN and the iPhone

The day before CSUN, I opted to use my AT&T upgrade to get an iPhone.  As I have previously posted, I had played with a friend’s iPhone before, only for a few minutes and found it impossible to use.  However, after talking to other blind users of the product who were successful and raved about […]

Knowbility at SXSW 2010

We at Knowbility had another fabulous year at Austin’s annual South by Southwest Interactive Media Conference.  There were so many awesome people to talk to from all over the country and even internationally.  We made several new friends who share our interest in accessibility, some of whom had never thought about it before in terms […]