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Accessible Tax Filing?

Ok, so today’s the day!  If you have not yet filed/paid your taxes, you are probably stressed out, dealing with headaches, scrambling to get your paperwork in order.  Many people still mail their tax forms and are going to brave long lines and post office traffic to get that April 15 postmark.  However, filing your […]

The Inaccessibility of Automated Accessibility Tools

As the concept of accessible websites continues to spread, more and more web developers are turning to automated tools to test their sites.  There are many tools out there, from those that generate detailed reports to toolbar add-ons for Internet Explorer and Firefox.  There is a bran new one just announced this week called AMP […]

Hardware Accessibility

We focus a lot of attention on accessibility of websites and web content.  There are several resources out there, from Knowbility’s accessibility training and consulting services to actual guides, such as the book “Maximum Accessibility,” written by Sharron Rush and John Slatin.  But recently, the question was raised about hardware accessibility.  Are there standards out […]

iAps Help People with Disabilities

I know, iAp isn’t really a word, but it’s the only thing I could think of to call them.  Since Apple’s Ipod touch and iPhone have come out, there has been thousands of applications developed for these portable devices.  These aps can do many things, from telling you what song is playing and its details, […]

World Usability Day, November 2009

On November 12 2009, I participated in World Usability Day in Dallas TX.  I had never been to one of these events before and it was a fantastic experience.  Knowbility had a booth where we spread the word about what we do, and I provided some website demos using JAWS.  It was a great networking […]