‘CSUN 2010’ Archive

CSUN and the iPhone

The day before CSUN, I opted to use my AT&T upgrade to get an iPhone.  As I have previously posted, I had played with a friend’s iPhone before, only for a few minutes and found it impossible to use.  However, after talking to other blind users of the product who were successful and raved about […]

Another CSUN Picture

This is Desiree with her 11 year-old Guide Dog Pippa. She had quite a time at CSUN! She was back in her home state of California and it agreed with her pretty well.

Picture from CSUN, taken by Desiree, Grass and Trees

This is what I got when I tried to take a picture… you try taking pictures with your eyes closed!!

An Update that is Long Overdue

If you are reading this post, then you know that our blog has a new home and is no longer found at www.universallydesigned.net.  We are hopeful that we can maintain our friends and readers that we have gained over the past couple of years and continue to provide you with useful information about assistive technologies […]