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The Power of Accessible Technology

As promised, I am here to give you an update as to what has been going on in my life and how vital accessible technology is to me at this time.  For several reasons, my husband and I decided to pull our daughter out of school and give home schooling a try.  Not that she […]


So many of you know how difficult it is to afford, load and use a full version screen reader.  Even if you overcome the financial burden, sometimes you encounter situations where it is hard to run and use the software.  What if you are on another computer?  What if the full version takes up too […]

iOS 4 IS Here!

This week, the newest version of the iPhone was released, as well as an update to the operating system for iPhone 3 and 3gs products.  Anticipation has been high for several months and rumors circulating regarding just what the new version has in store for customers.  Having recently converted to iPhoneism, I was amazed at […]

Wow, did I really say 75%?

To start off, I would like to thank Bob Garfield and all of the staff from “On The Media” for the fabulous opportunity they gave Sharron Rush and I to advocate for a cause that is vital to all of us.  We are so grateful to have the chance to bring attention to accessibility, it […]

Knowbility Hits the National Airwaves

Last week, Sharron Rush and I were privileged to be interviewed by NPR’s Bob Garfield for his show “on The Media.”  It was a fabulous chance for us to tell our story, to explain why accessibility is so vital for everyone.  We talked about not only the federal mandates and legal requirements, but the inpact accessibility […]