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Global Accessibility Awareness Day

We wanted to observe Global Accessibility Awareness Day with our usual attitude – finding the fun side of accessibility. Kudos to Joe Devon and Jennision Assuncion for the great idea and promotional effort behind this day. Here at Knowbility, we decided to embed an accessible video player (all controls are operable from the keyboard) and to provide captioning and audio description (AD). We chose as our topic the important activity of belly dancing that should be equally available to all – thanks to Zaheer Rafiq for the use of her terrific instructional video. Along the way a few other pieces have been suggested and are in the works. This page remains a work in progress as we are still completing captions and AD for Mr Clueless. We will update with details of the obstacles we encountered very soon.

In the meantime, we have people to thank!

Big shout out to Gene Rodgers and Dave Dauber, the maestros behind the Gene and Dave show and our captioning gurus. Thanks to Celia Hughes and her staff, our great good friends at VSA Texas for the audio description. Thanks to all staff here at Knowbility for putting up with the general head scratching and hilarity of getting the instructional video done. Check out what others are doing on the website or by following the hashtag #GAAD. Enjoy! The next time we meet, we’ll ask if you have been practicing.

Belly Dance Basic Moves

Clueless By Gene Rodgers

Seeking successful implementation of YouTube captions

About a year ago, Youtube launched an editing tool, Youtube Remixer.  One of the most interesting features was the capacity for captioning, although Youtube cautioned that the captioning feature was still in beta and not to expect a fully functioning captioning tool.  The Remixer, powered by Adobe Premiere Express, allows users to edit videos with text, audio, graphics, overlays, effects, and transitions with no installation.  The Proud Geek blog and other user reviews reflected the fact that the new tool was hard to use, quite buggy and not at all dependable as a real captioning option.   One of the most telling results is that we have not seen a proliferation of captioned videos on YouTube as a result.

Knowbility is looking for successful implementations of the Remixer tool or any other recommended method for captioning videos on YouTube.  Please let us know if and how you address the challenge of accessible video content.  Thanks!